5 Guilt-Free Ways for Working Moms to Make Time for Herself

Self-Care, You Grow Girl

January 13, 2021


We all live crazy, busy lives. We talk a lot about how difficult it can be to manage time as a working mom. We neglect certain areas of our lives so that we can accommodate the needs of everyone else around us first. However, ignoring our own needs emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally can be a steep price to pay. So imagine if you could frequently indulge yourself and feel guilt-free about it?

Let me help you with that. Here are a few, easy guilt-free tips to get some me-time:

1. Read for 30-minutes before bed. Reading reduces stress and is a great way to unwind after a long day. Adding reading to your bedtime ritual also helps you to reestablish a healthy routine without having to sacrifice something else on your to-do list. It is also a great escape from the news and harsh reality of current events. Did you know that there are scientific studies, that concluded reading literary fiction can make you a more empathetic person overall. So you get to also contribute to your own self-improvement while working on self-care. Win-win!

Read my book recommendations here.

2. Say bye-bye to your to-do list. Not permanently, but maybe for a week. I live for a good list but I also know when to put it down. You know your job, and the ins-and-outs of your business. Allow yourself to experience a few days without reminders. I know it sounds scary but by being less obsessed with checking things off of your list, you’re giving yourself permission to relax and helping your mind focus on life’s top priority. YOU!

3. Time block. Usually, I would suggest blocking your schedule to accomplish related work tasks. Instead of focusing on a generic to-do list, time-blocking allows me to give each task/project its own time to be achieved. It also helps me focus and move things forward while retaining the same feeling of checking something off my list. What I love most about time-blocking is that it helps me avoid overworking and makes it easier to carve out time for ME!!! 

Time-blocking is my tried and trusted method to get more work done in a short period—however, this time, I suggest reserving time to do absolutely nothing or something fun. Save the eye-roll! I really want you to try and block time for a fun activity like zip-lining, kayaking, or a drive-in movie. Add these activities to your calendar well in advance with as much intention as you would if it was a doctor’s appointment or something for the kids. Whatever you do, stick to it and don’t reschedule. 

4. Share parenting responsibilities. The pandemic has taught me that somedays my husband is a much better parent than I could ever be. We’ve never acknowledged traditional gender or household roles. We just do what we have to do. Are you home first? Okay, cool, then you can start dinner. Are you’re going to pick up groceries? Sure, I’ll text you what I need. What do you want for dinner tonight? I’ll eat whatever you put on the plate. Ha! We kind of just roll with it and do what we need to do for our family. We intentionally try to make life easier for each other because we know we’re both doing the best that we can.

5.Go on a girls-trip. I’m grateful to have such great girlfriends. They say friendships get more challenging as you get older, but I believe real friendships only get richer. Of my oldest friends, I’m the only one with children – however, we all have very busy careers. The love of friends should never be taken for granted, and COVID has shown us all the importance of maintaining these connections. So last year, during the lockdown when cabin-fever had kicked in, we committed to take two weekends a year and meet up anywhere that is warm. And no, I don’t feel guilty about spending six nights out of 365 away from my kids. Here’s our last visit to Savannah, GA. 

These trips are to relax both our physical and mental health mixed with a little retail therapy. We’re headed to JAX Beach in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to kick it and do nothing. Don’t worry; we would have all received COVID tests and/or round one of the vaccines before arrival. I’ll supply the PPE and it also helps that one friend is an M.D. Here’s a glimpse at the inside of our beach house.

6. I know you expected me to say gardening. Truthfully playing in dirt is always a sure way to refill my cup.

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