{DIY} How to Make a Moss Monogram

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September 15, 2020


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I saw these moss covered letter on Etsy but couldn’t justify paying upwards of $400 for a something that I wanted but wasn’t completed sold on if I would like it.  I loved how rustic and classic they looked so I decided to give it a try myself.

Here’s what you need:

  • Paper mâché letter ( I purchased this letter from JoAnn’s. You can also use a cardboard letter)
  • Spray adhesive (this gets messy so I suggest you do this project outdoors, with newspaper, and if you have rubber gloves it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wear them)
  • Moss — (I used moss from the Dollar Tree, but I had to go to three stores to find it.) You can have this moss delivered right to your door here.

Step One

First figure out how you want to lay the moss. Of course the process varies with each letter since they are all completely different shapes. It also depends on if you want to cover both sides, or just the front. If you’re hanging it on a wall like I did, you can cheat a little and not cover the back. I started with one side and sprayed from the top and simultaneously added moss as I made my way around the letter.

Step Two

Now go back to your starting part and respray the areas that are open or bare. Start the fill in process again until you achieve your desired look. This can be messy and get all over your clothes—but don’t worry it brushes right off. Then spray a tiny bit of adhesive to cover the new layer of moss.

Step Three

Repeat step two and add as much moss as your crafty heart desires. You can also add ribbon depending on how you want to hang it. I decided to use a strong sticky tack to mount outdoors. And VOILA!

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