How to Create an After-School Snack Station: Tips, Tricks & Shopping List


August 29, 2022


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It’s back-to-school time of year, friends! Your kids come rushing through the door from school, and the first words you hear are, “Mom!!!!! I’m Hungry!!”

So, to ensure they are still eating healthy-ish and not causing disruption during my “business hours, ” I decided to take snacking to a whole new level for the kids.

A snack station.

I may eventually move to a snack cart, but this works for now.

So, why did I create a snack station?

Having a designated snack area gives the kids options before and after school, my peace of mind knowing it’s not all complete junk and that they can handle this part of their daily routine without asking for help. Independence is the goal here.

But what all should go on a snack station? 

Well, that depends on you and your family’s preferences and needs. I’m not one of those parents who snack-shame others because of their choices. Buy what you know your kids will eat.

Our kids love a mix of sweet and salty and crunchy and chewy. So, I made sure to include as many of those types of items as possible.

To start your snack station off right, make sure you have something that the kids to handle. If you start with a cart, make sure it’s spacious and on wheels. I picked up these baskets from Target, but you can find similar ones on Amazon here.

From there, I stock the kids favorite snacks and replenish the baskets every Sunday.

Here’s my go-to shopping list: 

Boom Boom Popcorn

Veggie Straws

Annie’s Organic Bunny Snack Pack

Annie’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Annie’s Fruit Snacks

Annie’s Crispy Snacks

Annie’s Organic Chewy Granola Bars

GoGo squeeZ Fruit on the Go

Larabar Kids Chocolate Brownie

Bare Baked Crunchy Fruit Snack Pack

Nutella & Go

Martinellis Apple Juice

Overall, I am happy with this snack station idea for the kids. We have a “once it’s gone, it’s gone” rule so the kids don’t max all the snacks in one day. The snacks are supposed to last Monday-Friday, and we restock weekly. This way, they can enjoy the things they love and feel empowered to make good choices along the way.

What do you think of this snack station idea? Would this be something you would implement in your home? What would you add/take away? Let me know in the comments below.

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