My DIY Home Gym Wall!

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February 4, 2022


This project has probably been on my mind for a good three months. I’ve been on a journey to meet a healthier and happier version of myself. Consistently working out was always a struggle for me. Mostly because I didn’t feel organized which caused me to be disinterested in the whole thing. I originally had my Peloton in the master closet (it’s ginormous). But the gloomy lighting wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

My husband suggested moving the bike into the bedroom and I’m happy he did. It’s brighter not to mention it’s the first thing I see in the morning. And that’s all the motivation I need. I have gotten so many questions about my home gym and my peg board since making it, so I wanted to go ahead and put it all in one place for you in case you wanted to create your own and didn’t know where to start!

Since my home gym is in my bedroom, I wanted everything to be cute and coordinate with my bedroom decor. And after perusing Pinterest, I decided that I would use pegboards to create my own storage space on the wall.

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First, I IKEA’d the entire project:

4 IKEA Skådis Pegboard, Wood – I love these boards because I didn’t have to cut them.

8 IKEA Skadis Hook White / 5 Pack – These are hooks to hang things on AND the pieces you need to mount your peg board! So get as many as you need plus a few extras.

2 IKEA Skadis Hook White / 2 Pack – I used these to hold my yoga mat.

1 IKEA Skadis Container with Lid White / 3 Pack – I didn’t know what I would use these for when I bought them. But later decided to fill them with my multivitamins and immunity vitamins. It’s perfect because now I don’t forget to take them.

2 IKEA Skådis Shelf, White – These are great to hold my small items like a water bottle, my daily fitness journal and of course plants. 😁

Put It Together!

And finally – make it your own by adding your own decor and home gym equipment! 🙂 

Confession…my husband is the hanger and mounter of all things in our home. Luckily the IKEA pegboards also comes with all of the hardware you need to mount it safely and properly.

I went with hanging them horizontally because of how they best fit on our wall but that’s up to you and your space.

Decorate Your Space!

My favorite part!! My weights are about 100 lbs total and I didn’t want to mount that much on the wall. So I opted to buy the floor stand to store them. I actually just used the long peg hooks to display my workout bands, yoga mat and yoga wheel on my board wall.

Here is some equipment you could display to make your storage wall come together:

Colored Weights

Resistance Bands

Booty Bands

Yoga Mat

For faux flowers and inspirational quotes check you local Homegoods.

Water bottle

Foam Roller


The Finished Product:

I hope this helps you create your own fun and functional space for all your home workouts.

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