Starting A New Career or Climbing Up The Ranks? It’s About to Rain From The Money Tree!

Indoor Plants

April 21, 2021


The pachira aquatica is the plant that is more commonly known as the “money tree.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually grow money. Believe us; we’ve tried. The dream was $100 bills instead of leaves…or at least nickels. Instead, all we have is an absolutely gorgeous plant that makes us feel happy.

We’ll take it. Feeling happy makes us want to work more, so maybe that will lead to a bigger bank account down the line. Hey, perhaps we’ll be swimming in gold doubloons like Uncle Scrooge if we keep the plant happy, who knows!

This hearty, good looking plant is perfect for your home or office. It requires only partial sunlight and doesn’t even need you to check its bank account or give it a pin number. Bonus!

The plant may not be a new license to print money, but it certainly can help improve the air quality, aesthetic, and vibe in your home…and that may be worth more than its weight in gold.

The pachira aquatica is the perfect way to start your interior plant collection. Easy to care for and very forgiving, it’s sort of the way you’d like your credit card company to be!

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