Stay Focused, Organized And Make Sure You Schedule Time to Water That Prayer Plant

Indoor Plants

October 22, 2020


Maranta leuconeura, also known as prayer plant, is a species of flowering plant native to the Brazilian tropical forests.

Oh, and it’s also absolutely beautiful, easy to care for, and pretty much the perfect houseplant to bring a little bit of the rainforest into your home. Sure, there are other things from the rainforest that would also be awesome to have, but unfortunately, a sloth isn’t really that easy to care for…so for now, let’s stick with the prayer plant!

The leaves appear flat during the day and at night raise up, appearing almost like they are praying. Not only does it look amazingly beautiful, but frankly, any excuse to send good thoughts and vibes our way is highly encouraged.

It probably can’t hurt to ask the plant for the things you’d like a little help with, too; maybe it’s like a natural Alexa!

“Hey Praying Plant, I’d like to win the lottery tomorrow.”

“Hey Praying Plant, can you clean up my house tonight?”

Maybe the praying plant isn’t the answer to dusty shelves, but it sure can’t hurt. The colorful and robust plant also helps clear and purify the air in your home by filtering indoor air pollutants.

Now that’s a prayer, we’re happy has been answered!

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