What’s All The Ficus About? It’s About You…And Your Success

Indoor Plants

September 28, 2020


Who knew plants could tell you about yourself? If you didn’t…how about we tell you a little about these plants…who want to tell you something about yourself.

The mighty ficus is one of the most beautiful, versatile and popular plants on the planet.

If you find yourself drawn to the ficus, it’s very likely you are someone who is a leader! The ficus symbolizes unity and success, so a ficus in your home or office is fantastic symbolism (not so good symbolism and encouragement would be a pile of grass clippings in your office after you’ve cut the lawn, leave them in the yard).

The ficus also symbolizes abundance and peace – so make sure to take care of yours properly, and hopefully it will return the favor.

If the ficus sounds like a kindred spirit, it very likely is. This beautiful plant will be a fabulous addition to your area, and about the only thing it can’t do is give you high fives. Leaves aren’t very good at high fives.

Ficus plants need indirect sunlight and to be kept in temperatures above 60º F and should be watered weekly, but back off of watering during the winter.

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